Episode 003 | “Evangelization of Peace: The Radical Life of Father Louis Vitale”

By Max McGee

In this episode Nations Media’s Technologies Director, Max McGee, reads his featured story, “Evangelization of Peace: The Radical Life of Father Louis Vitale”.

Most families have that ‘crazy uncle’ or relative who stands out at gatherings. My brown-robed great-uncle Father Louis Vitale embodies that role in my family. Growing up, I remember the phone calls informing our family of Fr. Vitale’s next imprisonment. Throughout his life, his radical focus on justice through nonviolence led him to over 400 arrests for civil disobedience.

Since taking his vows as a Franciscan priest in 1960, Vitale has served as a fearless advocate within the Catholic Church for peace and betterment of the poor and homeless. Vitale and I could usually be found in a quiet corner of family Christmas parties going back-and-forth about our faith, if he was not in prison that year. His radical activism and keen awareness of the issues facing humanity always drew me in.


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